Conceived as gritty, intense, and exciting novels that would help a new generation connect with the Bible, the first book in the series, Day of War, was released in June 2011.

The Lion of War novel series is the story of the Mighty Men – a disgruntled army of mercenaries and outcasts forged into an elite fighting force by a young warlord named David.

Some fight for wealth, others fight because they believe their leader is destined to rule the land of the Hebrew tribes.

Always alone and outnumbered, they must call upon every skill they have to protect their land. There are brutal battles and deep struggles amongst these men, but their legendary fight to establish the throne for David is what bonds them together.

Digital Comic

Day of War Motion and Digital Comic is a dynamic telling of the Day of War story with original artwork based on the DAY OF WAR motion picture screenplay by John Fusco. Day of War Comic Book


DAY OF WAR: the movie (Director; David Cunningham, Producer; Grant Curits), is a cinematic portrayal of the Day of War novel. This film will bring the first installment of the story of Benaiah, one of David’s Mighty Men and his fellow warriors, as they battle against King Saul to place David on the throne.